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SEO Is Changing In 2022

SEO 2022

9 Ways SEO Will Change In 2022

Every year, Google makes over three thousand algorithm adjustments, that fundamentally influences SEO best methods.

While most of these algorithm modifications are small-scale, the important changes can possibly cause a visible shift in your standings. Knowledge on how SEO will adjust in 2022 and how you can enhance your site’s rankings is crucial to the success of your website.

  1. Rankings Will Teeter

Something that you need to know about SEO is that your website rankings will teeter. This is because many considerations go into SEO rankings, which may cause your site to alter ranking position over time no matter what quality content or structured data you utilize to drive your marketing strategies. Nevertheless, if you employ a user-first approach and do the correct things, you should see your rankings go up within a year or so from when you utilize this method on your search engine optimization practices.

Your site traffic should also increase, but you will have to get used to seeing the Google search traffic fluctuate and come to terms with it as this will be the new standard. This doesn’t imply that your content is not high-level quality, but instead that the algorithmic shifts Google and other search engines will affect the way you see your search engine rankings.

  1. Position One Will Be More Important Than Ever

You need to take the top spot because Google is now putting in search engine and algorithmic changes in place to keep users on the SERP and reduce traffic to your website. This does not automatically mean that SEO is dead, it is just adjusting, and site owners need to adjust their approaches to follow the latest SEO trends.

You can still do good if you are in the second or third spot on page one. Nevertheless, the top position still garners the vast majority of traffic. In fact, over 30% of visits go to first position, so it is best to constantly try to enhance your ranking. Sometimes, varying on the search query or industry even being in the top ten does nothing for you, which means being on top is everything!

  1. Good User Experience Is IMPORTANT!

User practice is now a vital part of SEO, and more search engine traffic is organized over mobile. This implies that you will have to maintain to optimize for mobile environments more than ever to enhance standings. Optimization is not just around page speed, or high-quality content – it is about the complete feel.

It is essential to figure out what your consumers are considering and optimize the total experience to match their wants. If you don’t optimize for experience, based on your users, in time you will lose out and your competitors who optimized early will outrank you.

  1. Staying on Point

You need to focus on building websites that cater to your consumers’ needs. Constructing a website that delivers the overall info on a subject, such a website with hundreds of different topics with information, will not give you the required answers to understand key rankings in search results.

There are over a billion websites online in this present moment, which indicates there is lots of competitors everywhere! Focusing on one topic/service and being well-versed around that topic offers you with strong knowledge within the topic and efforts towards determining and standings in key Google rankings.

  1. Content-Length

This new year, it is all about getting to the idea with your content and avoiding the unnecessary length. Users are looking for the topic/service they have searched for.

Do not stress over the word count or keyword density of your blog or website page, but instead focus producing high-quality content and give the user the answer they searched for in a timely manner.

  1. Overlooking Backlinks

The significance of producing more quality backlinks to your content than competitors won’t matter. If you create too many links too quick, it will adversely impact your ranking, so let this occur organically. It is superior to simply publish your content online with your SEO operation.

Over time, you can begin to do the physical outreach, but allow your content to turn over online for two or three months first.

If you do this, you will see your rankings grow faster than if you were developing links from day one. You need to be understanding and keep away from taking the fast route to building links. Remember that the value of the backlink and topical significance are crucial.

  1. Branding Won’t Be Enough

Branding is not sufficient enough to get to the top-ranking position anymore. Search Engines wants you to be an authority in your product/service. So, make sure that you are able to answer all questions about your product/service that your consumers would like to know.

Although developing a brand and following the rule of seven, where people interact with and are revealed to your brand seven times, may boost your rankings, it is not enough on its own anymore for you to claim that top position.

  1. Go International With SEO

From the beginning, you will need to think about a worldwide SEO strategy rather than just looking within your area.

It’s not just about aiming your particular area to do business. You should aim to do business with people around the world.

Translating of your website can cause some of the most major improvements in traffic and SEO rankings as search engines have a tendency to look at each unique URL as part of the identical website. The amount of traffic each translated version receives is combined and calculated as part of the same site, which then improves your SEO ranking.

  1. Voice Search and Search Engines

As companies like Apple for example, produce more smart phones and other devices and we upgrade ourselves and our home and offices for the digital age, voice searching will play massive role in search engine questions.


With Google’s thousands of algorithms changing every year and the ever-changing world of Search Engine Optimization, you will need to make certain you stay on top of the ball, so you remain in the number one position. Knowing how SEO will change and how to work with that change is one of the most important roles of running a business in 2022.

Let us help you get your brand to the top of Google with a competitive SEO strategy. Contact us to get started today!


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays From Insiteful Solutions

Wishing You A Happy & Safe Holiday!
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The Importance of Online Marketing During COVID-19

Online Marketing Insiteful Soluctions

Online Marketing

The advent of COVID-19 has reverberated all over the world and barely an industry or country has not been touched by it. As businesses struggled at the beginning to pivot and keep operations going many turned to their social media channels to communicate with their customers. The onset of COVID-19 served as a reminder of many things; one of the more interesting things learned is our overwhelming dependence and reliance on social media and online marketing.

At Insiteful Solutions, we were fortunate that many of our team already work remotely so we could easily turn our attention to our clients and help them update their websites with new operating info and make sure their social media accounts reflected the numerous changes happening in real-time.

No matter what business you are in, COVID-19 has brought into focus the importance of staying on top of both your website and social media accounts.  The success or failure of businesses during recent months was largely dependent on their ability to re-focus their offerings to online operations while keeping all interactions with customers safe. During the initial days of COVID-19 we had numerous panicked businesses contact us as they had never really invested in an online platform for sales nor had they engaged their customer base on social media. Fortunately, we were happy to quickly help get their business online and plan for the future.

At Insiteful Solutions, we are experts in online marketing and social media engagement – which is why we are pleased to share all we have learned during COVID-19 so businesses can prepare for future disruption to their regular business practice.

One of the most important things we learned in recent months is that businesses that attempted to carry on as if COVID-19 was not taking place and would pass quickly not only lost customers but their brands took a severe hit. Not responding to worldwide events, or responding badly, can do more damage to your business than almost anything else. For the month of March 2020, Facebook reported an incredible 70% increase in use; people were at home and were looking for ways to connect, be entertained and learn more about the situation. This is why it is so important for you to engage with your customer base on social media.

Setting the Tone

From the outset of any worldwide event that impacts people’s lives and business operations, it is important to quickly decide on the tone you wish to set through your social media channels and website.

While it may seem obvious the most important thing you need to convey is empathy and concern – not just for your staff and customers – but for everyone. Showing that your business can put aside concerns of commerce and rise above the desire to compete in a quickly contracting marketplace shows that your company and its leadership are confident and care about something beyond the bottom line. During the first two to three weeks of the pandemic, Insiteful Solutions advised our clients to focus on people’s well-being and share when appropriate information on how people could still interact with your business. One of the most important things we were able to do for nearly all our clients was to make sure the President/CEO of the company sent a personal message to customers via email, the company website and social media channels. Unlike most messages from senior leadership, these messages contained no ‘ask’ – but were mainly a message to check-in with customers and to assure people that all precautions were being taken to move forward safely. We found that these messages helped greatly to build a sense of community and connect people.

Don’t Forget Email For Online Marketing

Email turned out to be one of the most, if not the most, effective ways to reach out to customers. By tapping into your email lists you can communicate directly to people who have previously engaged with your business and brand. While social media is incredibly effective, messages on these channels can lack a personal touch. Email access to customers has proved very beneficial for our clients as a way to create an exchange of communication between the company and the client.

Whether you’re just exploring social media or you’re experienced but trying to navigate this new world, the steps below will guide you to the right solution.

Don’t Forget the Data

Whether your company had excellent data on your customer base before COVID-19 or not, recent months have proven that companies can never relax when it comes to data collection. To communicate effectively with your customer base and potential customers it is much easier to hit the right tone if you understand thoroughly who your audience is. If you have been in business for several years you may feel that you understand your customer and don’t need any more information – incorrect! People change, people age, and people respond to crises differently depending on many factors.

Once we passed through the first few weeks of COVID-19 we started advising clients to start re-thinking and updating their data collection. The basics were fairly simple: make sure your name/age/address capture was up to date so you could identify who exactly you were speaking to. Then we encouraged them to do a deeper dive and try to find out how their customers were doing as they coped with COVID-19. If you are a global business your customers in New York were probably coping and feeling differently than your customers in New Zealand. If your customer base average age is 27 then they would probably be feeling differently about things than if your average age is 65.  All of this information can feedback into your marketing strategy that will guide your company into the future.  By having this information on hand you can tailor your messaging and make sure you are hitting the right tone and providing the best information needed by your customers.

Work with the Present, Plan for the Future.

It is difficult (near impossible in fact), to know what the future holds. But as COVDI-19 ebbs and different parts of the world get back to a more ‘normal’ level of functioning it is still an incredible time to learn about our shared ‘new normal’ and how it will impact your business. No matter what market you operate in a few if any, businesses will not be majorly changed by COVID-19. Taking the lessons learned and data collected from the last few months can better prepare your company for the future if these lessons are applied in the right way.

At Insiteful Solutions, we are fortunate to have clients across Canada and around the globe. We have guided over 50 clients in recent months in their online marketing efforts. Whether your company has been operating for a year or ten years we know we can help guide you during this challenging time. Give us a call today to get started.

Expect Uncertainty

No one can give you an accurate prediction of what the immediate future holds for brands and marketers. We know that this crisis will end eventually, and we know that right now, at least, there’s a lot of uncertainty on a variety of fronts. As such, we can’t plan as far into the future as we would have before. We need to be nimble and agile in our approaches and able to pivot to the next thing at any moment. If your organization is already functioning this way, congratulations! You’re in a good position. If not, now is as good of a time as any to start.

Please visit our contact page if you have any questions about online marketing or email us at – 905-947-8235 x 103