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Markham Website Design Trends – 2021 & 2022

Markham Website Design Trends

Are you trying to look for different ways for your website to be redesigned? Let’s talk about the upcoming and latest trends in Markham Website Design, and what you should consider building into your website.

Here’s the list we will go over today of current and upcoming trends for 2022:

  • Local SEO
  • Faster Page Load Time
  • Interactive Content
  • Dynamic Scrolling
  • Design For Thumbs on Web Pages
  • White Space
  • Dark Mode
  • Accessibility in 2022
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Dynamic Content
Markham Website Design Trends – 2021 & 2022
  1. Local SEO

Expect the trend of local SEO to stay strong among Markham Website Design in 2022. Local content is already crucial for many companies, and its importance will only increase as consumers use the Internet to search for all kinds of different, but local information.

  1. Faster Page Load Time

Internet users hate having to wait for a web page to load. A couple of years ago, it may have been perfectly appropriate for a page to take almost 20 seconds or more to load. This day, and in the future, people will leave if the page takes more than 5 seconds to load.

  1. Interactive Content

The consumer can’t get enough interactive content. Whether it’s a poll, online calculator, or any number of tools, people attach to websites that feature relevant, valuable, and tasteful interactive content.

  1. Dynamic Scrolling

Dynamic scrolling means that you are featured content is all contained within one page. This is a great way to tell a story on your site, especially if you add special features like parallax scrolling into the mix. Which is the background moving a at slower pace than the foreground.

  1. Design for the Thumbs

Over 50% of global website traffic is now on mobile devices.

With so many users accessing the internet through their phones or tablets, it’s very obvious that designers will continue to focus on making their websites phone-friendly, which all relate back to Design for Thumbs.

Markham Website Design Trends – 2021 & 2022
  1. DARK Mode

There is a huge transition from the light side to the dark side. More Markham Website Designers than ever before are falling in love with dark mode schemes for their websites.

A dark mode design can offer a refreshing and vibrant option to more traditional colour templates. Dark mode can actually help users with eye-straining as well, it can highlight the content and imagery that you want to be emphasized.

  1. WHITE Space

When it comes to the visual aspect of Markham Website Design, you will see a trend towards minimalism and simplicity in 2022 and beyond. The strategic use of white space will be one expression pf this tendency.

  1. Accessibility

Closely linked to voice search, expect to see a trend towards enhanced accessibility across the Markham Website Design community.  Markham Website Designers will continue to incorporate page features that don’t rely on keyboard-based input, such as voice commands, augmented reality, virtual reality, and so forth.

  1. Voice Search Optimization

As consumers around the globe become more and more comfortable with Siri, Alexa, Google, Cortana, and other virtual assistants, expect to see an increasing number of Markham Website Designers make voice search optimization a priority.

For example, many businesses will look to include long-tailed keywords that are trending in that period and being used in conversations throughout people, and use it in their content, rather than them using how they type so that they will have more searches related to what the population speaks and searches like.

  1. Dynamic Content

A dynamic website may display various information to users based on their current location and their past browsing behaviours. Or even on a recent purchase that they have just made. Websites with dynamic content have a higher engagement and a higher conversion rate which means that this will continue to be a hot trend in this period and in the foreseeable future.


Markham Website Design will always have new trends that we all need to keep up to date with, including yourself, as the business owner or employee. It’s important to come together with your Website Designer and make sure that all the trends in the current time are being used to the best of your ability. Let us help you get your brand to the top of Google with a competitive SEO, Current Trends, and Future Trends strategies. Contact us to get started today!

Markham Website Design: Websites and the Future

Markham Website Design

Are you confident that if someone landed on your website right now, that they would be impressed by your Markham Website Design or ready to search for a new page in 10 seconds?

This is a very vital question you must ask every few months or so. Technology and trends change all the time. What was in last year, may not be in this year, always remember that.

The best policy for every entrepreneur is to stay in line with every change the world of technology has. And since most companies’ operations move online, its vital to know and be able to incorporate the Markham website design trends that exist in that present time.

New Trends

  • Dynamic Content

As customers, we want information that is relevant to us and is presented in the most accessible and brief way. Websites that display dynamic content have the highest engagement and conversion rates.

But what is dynamic content? This is information, visuals or data that are shown to users based on behaviours, geo location, or interests. So if I was using a website while in New York and then travel to Paris, the content I would see, will be different even though I am looking at the same page.

Markham Website Design


  • Accessibility and Availability

It’s the 21st century, its only logical as a society, we start taking various disabilities seriously and make it easy for disabled people to access information on the web. Websites need to 100% put focus into making all pages and posting accessibly and have available functionalities for different uses, and as well as a comprehensive design that caters to all.

  • Voice Activated Interfaces

Voice search has been growing all over the world for the past two years. More people everyday are starting to use voice assistants to look information up, rather that surfing search engines, such as Google. Therefore, the rise in voice activated uses on your website are inevitable. So, as a user, you should be able to speak to your website and tell it what you want to see.

  • Micro-animations

Previously, videos were the biggest trend of Markham website design. And don’t think they don’t matter anymore, videos are still the most engaging form of content, but they also could be slowing your website quite a bit. So, in this year of 2021 and beyond, we see micro-aminations taking the spotlight.

What is micro-aminations? Well, GIFS are one great example of micro-aminations. This type of content enhances the users experience and prompt website visitors to take actions.

  • Bold Colours

After the disaster of a year 2020 was, we all need more colour, positivity, and joy in our lives. That’s part of the reason why bold colours dominate the Markham website design trends in 2021.

Each colour sends a subconscious message to users and has a special meaning in costumer psychology. Do your specific research on colours and see which of them represents you and your company’s values.

  • Clear Message on Your Focus

Ever wonder what you really need on your company’s homepage? A great but short explanation. We are an ultra-customer society, and we don’t have time for stuff we don’t need to read or care about. Doesn’t matter the selling point, values and or missions, they need to be presented in one easy and simple but unique message, and be the first thing they see.

  • Data Vision

Larger percentage of the human population responds better to visual than word content. And while most of us care about information that is statistical, we often don’t understand what it means if we can see it. Data is a vital asset to display on your website in this year, but what would make you noticeable is envisioned data.

  • Dark Mode

It started with one social platform, Twitter. Then almost every social media platform jumped on the trend as well. Apple joined in with one of the recent updates of the IOS system. We can clearly see that it is a trend especially in Markham website design, and you should have it incorporated too. It has different uses, but it can be brought back to Trend #3. Accessibility and availability. It can allow users to strain their eyes less and reduce pressure. Which can cause headaches and long-term sight problems.

Continuing Trends – Markham Website Design

It’s not just about new, but popular continuing trends too. There are leading features and design requirements that have been important for many years and are going nowhere for a while.

  • Page Load Time

Page loading time has always been one of the most vital conditions for a well-optimised and transforming website. But if you could previously get away with a website that loads in 4 seconds or less, now you need to try even harder. A large portion of users report they will not stay on a website if the page takes longer than 2 seconds to load.

  • Lead Generation Forms

Social media is unleveled these days. Which is why your email list is one of the biggest business assets you can have. Successful websites in the 2020s have well-designed lead generation forms on their pages to help the growth of that list. Ask for the bare minimum of information that you need. In most cases it would be name and email address. In some cases, you may need age, or gender on some other data, but don’t go overboard.

  • Improved Chat Bots

Chat bots have been around for a long time now. Of course, they are going to stay, but to remain competitive online you need to make sure your bot sound more like human they before. The truth is no one like chatting to a machine, the more humanized and personalized the conversation is the better.

  • Interactivity

As we consume most days and time online, we are in ever-growing need of a two-way interaction between the brand and the customer. It’s crucial to provide interactive elements on your website, so that your visitors feel a sense of community you are building around your company.

  • Minimalism and Clean

This trend has been around all of 2020, and it stuck into this year as well. The reason is having to do with is psychology, the cleaner and more simplistic the design, the more space for mental activity and desire to discover the website more.

  • White Space

Don’t fill in all white areas on your website with colour or elements. Let users focus on the key information that you are trying to relay. More engagement, less distractions, more white space, and the best part; higher conversions.

Markham Website Design

Old News

Here are some past trends, that you should leave in the past. And if you still do some, try to look into changing to some newer trends that we listed above.

  • Video Background

Video backgrounds are in the past because they once were big in the past. Unfortunately, that sort of design is not trendy anymore. Plenty of reasons why but one of the most important is page loading time.

Video backgrounds make your pages considerably slower to load and if your traffic increases beyond a specific point, the website performance will not be what you want. You can keep the positive aspects of screen motion by adding mircoanimaton or 3D elements, which are still in trend currently.

  • Traditional Colours

Don’t be boring in your Markham Web Design. Even if you are aiming to suggest a feeling of extravagance and distinctiveness, add an attractive colour to the traditional white and black mix. You’ll see the contemporary edge you gave your website doing so.

  • Click-loops

If your visitors still need to click more than two times to get to what they want, you are not doing it correct. We can show you show to shorten the click journey as much as possible and present all the information in two clicks.

Now that we have shown you all the current, continuing, and old trends, we hope you have a better understanding of what your website needs to succeed in 2021 and the future. What your website communicates to an online audience is how they will perceive your business. First impressions are important online.

We are creative and we are not afraid to bring the latest online design methods to you.

Custom Website Development Markham, by Insiteful Solutions. Serving Markham, Toronto and surrounding areas.

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Social Media Communication

Social media has become such great platforms for companies looking to communicate and expand with their consumers, and they provide an opportunity to deliver amazing customer service experience. Social media is useful for improving people’s ideas and impressions of the brand compared to conventional means of communications because when you solve problems for your customer online, thousands may see your response.

That being said, the risk of something going wrong can still exist. We’ve outlined a few practices for providing exceptional service through social media.

Find Customers

Delivering outstanding customer service takes time and resources, and you should choose wisely by determining which social media sites your consumers use the most. For most, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the most popular, but depending on your industry, your customers might be more engaged through other platforms.

The social media sites where you are having the most success, so most shares, most likes, and other engagements, should be the platforms you focus on since your target audience is most active, and most likely your customers are more to contact you with any concerns.

Listen to Concerns

Social media has changed the way that consumers interact with brands and the same the other way. Marketing is no longer placing ads in front of people that communicate you message, product and telling what the user should feel about your brand. Social Media has created two-way communication between your customers, potential new customers, and you. It’s now a source where customer directly respond to you and express thoughts about your product or service. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to what people are saying about you and your brand, and how to know what to respond accordingly with.

Doing this will involve more than just checking your direct messages or have a set auto respond to reply. You must have a plan in place for ongoing checks of negative and positive comments left on your pages and posts, and also checking outside posting about you and or your brand, so you know what is being said.

Respond, respond, respond!

No one likes to be ignored, especially when you have a concern and need an answer. Making sure you respond to people who communicate with your brand is vital. Negative comments that go unanswered remain there for the world to see could make your brand look careless.

Also, never delete negative comments. People who are willing to go to the effort of posting a negative comment are more than willing to point out that the comment has been removed and this can screw up your social branding, big time. Responding to the negative comment and trying to make it a positive experience can and will up your social branding, because you are a problem solver for your customers, and that’s what customers want.

Responding to positive comments is always a plus as well, as it builds profitable relationships with people and makes your company appear positive and proactive.

Make Everything Efficient

Optimize your social media profiles so that communication with your company is as easy as possible for all consumers. This is vital if you receive a high number of messages.

For Facebook, enable instant replies to let consumers know that you will respond and addressing their concerns that they wrote you about. Add a “message” button to your Facebook as well as different contact buttons onto your other social media pages.

Allow your comments to be on when you post on any platform so that consumers can ask quick questions or speak to one another about the product or services.



Social Media isn’t a question of if, but how and what to do to make it better. Before you engage, think about what, how and when. Having a strong strategy of which platform, you are going to use to communicate which message where, and the level of activity on said platform will be all factors in your success. Especially when it comes to customer service and providing the best service you can.

We understand that social media can be overwhelming, and how they all differently effect your business. Here at Insiteful, we can help make a success plan for you and your social media success. We want to provide you with the results your business deserves on social media.

Give us a call today to start planning today!