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SEO Markham – Content

SEO Markham - Content Is King

Content is extremely important for SEO Markham, without it, search engines wouldn’t have enough information to index your website correctly, and help your website rank properly. If you do not have a solid SEO plan, then the pages on your website will never be shared, or possibly even seen. They will just hold a place online, and that defeats the purpose of the work you created, doesn’t it?

SEO Markham content improves your visibility on search engines, which will drive traffic to your site, and promote people to purchase your services or goods.

What is SEO Markham Content?

The content consists of written content, images, audio and video that is displayed on your web page.

Some examples would be:

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Whitepapers
  • Case Studies
  • And more!
SEO Markham – Content

Search engines like Google want to deliver search results that are the most relevant and valuable to the user.

As a result, the goal of SEO content is for Google to consider it vital and relevant so that it is positioned on the first page of the SERPs.


How do you write SEO content?

Over the years, Google’s search algorithms continue to grow. Pay close attention to all the changes. They tell you how to get on Google’s good side, and help you get pages on top spots on SERPs.

SEO Content isn’t just any content, it needs to be high-quality and beneficial to your visitor. User experience is an essential factor in how Google decides which content should rank in the search engines for the top position.

For example, if you have a blog post, the best way to rank your post is to write content that considers the topic from a diverse perspective or provides more value than other websites posting on the same topic.

SEO Markham – Content


In order to write SEO Markham Content, you will need to know a few rules to follow for the best content.

  • Length – Longer content sections (1000+ words) have demonstrated to rank well on search engines. However, it’s critical to keep paragraphs short in blog posts and other website content. Break paragraphs into 1-2 sentences or at most 3-4 sentences.
  • Readability – Google favours content that has a specific reading level so that readers have a simple time understanding what they are reading. As opposite to simplifying your content, it’s more about opening it up to a bigger audience who can hear more value in it too.
  • Tone of Voice – Keeping a steady tone of voice in your writing supports the reader to understand the viewpoint at which you’re writing, these factor into readability as well.
  • Formatting – The way you format your writing plays a huge role in SEO Markham. Using headlines throughout the post will help the reader navigate the content. Using bullet points allows for an easier listing of items that the reader should pay attention to. Ensure you have visuals to break up the content even more.
  • Keywords – To discover what Keywords are being searched by users the most, we rely on keyword research. Keywords help the search engine understand that your content is about a particular topic. They can also tell you what to specifically write about. If there is a high search volume, this will give you a better chance for people to read your content!
  • Linking – Google has said that internal linking to other pages on your site, and backlinking from other websites can also improve SEO content. This also provides credibility to your content.
  • Poor Linking – Google likes when you provide sources for your content or additional resources that will help the user understand the topic better
  • Alt Text – Text that delivers a description of an image for accessibility reasons.

Now that you know content is an important part of SEO, speak to an expert at Insiteful Solutions about how you can create the right content to help increase online visibility for your business.