Wordpress Trends

WordPress Trends In 2022

WordPress is a common content management system that has developed over numerous years. This platform functions more than 40% of the websites on the internet. As we set into 2022, we look ahead to the new trends that modernize the web development industry. Since its establishment, WordPress has been progressing and it offers exceptional elements to create future-ready websites. Being an open-source Content Management System (CMS), this permits WordPress developers to utilize convenient themes, plugins, and widgets. This is a ready and easy to use CMS that improves you to stay ahead of your competitors

Top WordPress Trends For 2022

  1. Voice Search

Voice Search has become a widespread trend for the eCommerce trade. A lot of smartphone users switch to Voice Search as an alternative of typing the products and services they are considering. It is crucial to make your WordPress website voice search friendly. It is vital to recognize user behaviors when constructing your WordPress website. Walk into the shoes of your possible audiences and imagine different ways in which you can grasp the voice search algorithm. Though writing the product descriptions, you should keep in mind what terms customers may be utilizing while seeking for those specific goods or services.

  1. VR & AR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are game changers in the eCommerce industry. Online customers prefer to visualize the objects they desire to shop online for. An example is, a eCommerce shop that offers virtual trials for clothing could get more transactions as it becomes easier for the consumers to try out and possibly buy the products from retailers.

  1. Chatbots

Plenty of companies uses chatbots to enhance the customers experience and solve the customers’ questions quick. Chatbots are a fast and exciting way to manage the customers’ questions and present the correct information to the customers. Chatbots can also be utilized to support customers navigate a website and gather useful feedback. You can make contact with a prominent WordPress development business or even use an online chatbot constructor to produce more leads and expand your sales.

  1. Drag & Drop Builders

Industry experts believe that drag and drop website builders will remain to attract to the start-ups and small business owners in 2022. One can build a highlight-rich eCommerce website without any coding experience or expertise. Also, one can launch the website immediately using drag and drop builders. Such builders provide an opportunity to the users to examine how the site would look like. There are a lot of plugins that can be used with WordPress to add the preferred functionality to your site.

  1. Use of Videos

A lot of company websites use videos to advertise their products and services. Videos on websites is not a recent thing as it has been a popular trend for years. This trend will persist to attract to the audiences and brands who would invest in video headers and backgrounds to appeal to potential audiences.

  1. Minimalistic Designs

Minimalistic website designs suggest smooth navigation to the customers. Using flat graphics and white space offers great usability and this tendency will remain popular in 2022 also. In different words, Minimalism is a kind of design that concentrates on being simple and leaving out any unnecessary components in an object. There are many ways of designing minimalist designs. One of them is decreasing the number of colors in the design.

  1. Multipurpose WordPress Themes

WordPress proposes numerous various types of multi-purpose themes that can be used with important features to introduce an eCommerce website. Business owners can decide to build any type of website matching their exact needs. WordPress recommends modern multi-purpose themes that can be personalized to suit the correct business needs and preferences of business owners.

  1. One-Click Demo Import

As WordPress provides a one-click demo import alternative, the users can make sure the demo of the themes with a single click. It improves them save a lot of time and effort prior to choosing the theme for their WordPress website improvement. These exclusive features permit you to import all menus, categories, comments, posts.

  1. Mobile-First Websites

We can not ignore the significance of mobile-first websites in this new year of 2022. With the ever-increasing use of smartphones and tablets, developers and business owners need to focus on designing responsive websites to reach a larger audience.

  1. White Space

When it comes to building a WordPress website, using white space can attract the users and actually engage them as well. Supplying white space on the home page and the other pages of the website can enhance value to the website as it offers an uncluttered look and feel to your website. White spaces on the web pages have achieved tremendous recognition in the last few years and this trend will remain to grow in the coming years.


Being a well-known and common CMS, WordPress is used for building strong and scalable websites for businesses of all sizes and forms. WordPress development is a great choice for small-scale and large-scale companies. Whether you are planning to construct a website from scratch or looking for a new look, search for the best WordPress development company to help you with success. WordPress web development not only helps you get an awesome website but also helps you save a lot of money and time.

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