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Designing your website using WordPress allows you to take total control of your website and have a state-of-the-art site that looks and performs amazing.

We have been building website using the WordPress platform for years and we’re excited to watch it continue to grow. It’s amazing how many websites you regularly visit, and are unique and custom designed, are actually running on the WordPress platform.

We are huge fans of designing website using WordPress. Here’s why we think you’ll like it too.

Easy To Use – WordPress is extremely user-friendly and takes little training before you become a web guru. Simply login, and instantly add your text, images, videos and much more. Don’t worry- we won’t tell anyone.

Update Anywhere – Manage your site from home, from the office, it doesn’t matter. All you need is a browser, an Internet connection and you’re good to go.

No Need to Learn HTML – In the past learning HTML and other web programming languages was an obstacle for business owners. WordPress does all the work for you using an easy-to-use interface. Create new content with a couple of clicks and make it appear instantly on your site for the world to see!

Rank Higher Quicker – Search Engines such as Google love WordPress even more than we do. We’ll install the latest SEO plugins to make sure Google reads and displays your content quickly and accurately. These plug-ins can enhance our SEO campaigns.

Control Your Design and Features – There are thousands of free widgets and plugins that will make your website truly unique. Save the cost of hours of time in web development by simply finding the features your audience will love, and simply adding it to your site. .

Create Multiple Users – Control who can edit your site and what they can edit. WordPress allows you the ability to quickly add and remove web administrators. You can also control what permissions each user has when working on your site.

Current and Innovative – We have been working with WordPress for years and we see it grow daily. There’s a community of developers that are constantly creating new and innovative tools.

As Big or Small as You Require – A WordPress site can be a simple site with a few pages, or it can be a large site with hundreds of pages. You will have the ability to integrate databases, e-commerce solutions, automated email and much more. A WordPress website will grow with your business.

Want to learn more about WordPress Development? We can talk about WordPress for hours, give us a call or drop us an email.

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