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How WordPress Themes Impacts SEO

How WordPress Themes Impacts SEO

Ever question if WordPress themes influence SEO? You may not believe that the WordPress theme you want for your website and search engine optimization have a great deal to do with each other, but, the reality of the matter is that your website theme influences SEO.

Your WordPress theme has a massive effect on site speed and eventually how good your site executes in Google rankings.

At some moment in your website’s lifecycle, you will end up altering your WordPress theme so it’s vital to understand how a new WordPress theme can impact your ranking and the particular SEO components to keep your eye on.


WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme is basically the “skin” that suits over top of the CMS to describe the appearance and style of your website. In principle, the theme is the website design that individuals see and interact with.

The theme is a key image brand component that provides life to your website content and an important highlight that defines how user interface elements relate with website purposes.

There are infinite themes to select from to make your WordPress website distinctive. In fact, WordPress itself (at the time of writing) has over 8,800 free themes accessible.

Or, you can consider a financial strategy in your business for a premium theme from a marketplace like ThemeForest to choose one that suits your needs.

It’s essential to recognize two things here:

First, the theme you choose influences your SEO. Second, the theme can both negatively or positively effect where your site ranks in search engine ranks, as well as how your site operates from a user understanding viewpoint.


Themes Can Affect Your Bounce Rate

If your website design is not visually pleasing, your visitors are most likely to leave your website. If your website is inadequately organized and guests can’t find what they are looking for within the first 30 seconds, they will leave and look for a website that is simple to pass through and delivers clearer, faster answers to their request.

If your website traffic doesn’t remain on your page, it signals to Search Engines like Google that your website doesn’t present a positive experience or deliver value content. This strengthens your bounce rate, which damagingly influences your SEO.


WordPress Themes Impact Site Speed and Performance

The speed of your website is one more key ranking factor. Should your site have a lengthy loading speed, users will shut down that website and search for a website that offers a faster loading experience.

The final goal for your page speed should be 1-2 seconds, however, if your site loads under 3 seconds, it’ll still be quicker than about 50% of all websites.

Changing WordPress themes impact your SEO and the total loading time of a website, so it’s crucial to select one that loads as rapid as possible without compromising other crucial SEO aspects.

WordPress Themes Affect How Search Engines View Your Site

An additional reason why your WordPress theme is so important is that an inadequately developed theme can confuse search engines creating the achieving top rankings. The code behind the theme needs to be well constructed so a search engine can distinctly comprehend it.

The HTML tags should be placed correctly so that Google sees precisely what your website is about. When Google acknowledges that you are supplying value info and services to your guests, your SEO will instinctively develop.

Even after a theme change, there are various enhancements you can make to adjust your WordPress website. You can also execute various SEO best practices to preserve and enhance your website ranking.


Search Functionality

Your next WordPress theme may alter or eliminate the search functionality on your website. For example, if your existing website utilizes a search bar, guarantee your new theme establishes this function.

If you don’t have previously have a site search function and the new WordPress theme encourages it, combining it may have a helpful effect on your SEO rankings because it increases how navigable your WordPress website is – the simpler users can discover what they are looking for, the better.

You can make purpose of Site Search Tracking which helps you follow and understand what your web visitors are attracted in and maintain to enhance your website.


HTML for Search Engines

An essential part of an SEO-friendly theme is the HTML markup. Your latest theme must use proper HTML5 tags so the extremely vital components of your content are properly accentuated for Google.

For instance, if the title tags are near the end of your web page instead of at the top, Google won’t be happy (and your HTML won’t make sense). This can cause problems with the default managing of your site.

Professional web developers mostly fulfill with HTML coding value guidelines, but it’s vital to be informed and remain on top of all characteristics within new themes as some designers can cut corners or don’t follow SEO basics and it can create troubles for your SEO ranking.



Try to prevent themes that involve multiple plugins to operate correctly as this slows down your site’s speed and can harm your execution.

The brief answer is excellent themes do not need plugins to perform ordinary functions – be informed, and choose sensibly!


Look for an SEO-Friendly Theme

Some of the initial steps to altering your WordPress theme is to discover a practical theme that is SEO-friendly. This will assist you retain your overall SEO results to rank above average in SERPs.

Guarantee that the new theme for your WordPress blog or website has a rapid loading speed and provides your guests with a wonderful experience.

The theme code should be well-coordinated, picture sizes must be improved, and your other traditional SEO settings should be in place.


Test First

Before you go live with your latest theme, make sure you test it out before you execute. Find out what works and exactly how it may affect SEO.

Check how user-friendly and well-formatted your site is by creating a staging site. Ensure your plugin usage is minimum as too many plugins (especially unnecessary ones your website doesn’t need) only reduces the functionality of the site and the sites pace.

Take into consideration additional elements, like loading time, structured data, content formatting, and user experience.

Test and optimize, and maintain testing until you are absolutely positive all elements is SEO-friendly.


Find a Web Designer for Custom WordPress Design and Theme Development

The simplest approach to guarantee that modifying themes doesn’t have a damaging impact on your website’s ranking and SEO optimization, is to hire a web designer to design a custom WordPress theme.

How does this benefit you?

You don’t need to spend hours looking across 10,000+ themes for your WordPress website. You also don’t need to explore for an SEO-friendly theme.

There is no need to worry about your SEO settings, ensuring optimal image size, page load speed. Hiring a web designer permits you to devote time concentrating on your company while the experts take care of all the important functionality.

With a custom WordPress design, you can also guarantee you get all the functionality you want to run your company straight out of the gate.



Understanding how WordPress themes affect your SEO rankings is crucial. Let’s get you great results from the start. One mistake and you could website drop in the search results and your website is harmfully impacted.

Want to learn more about WordPress Development? We can talk about WordPress for hours, give us a call or drop us an email.

Artificial Intelligence & SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is finally getting the respect it’s due through Artificial Intelligence.

Because of this, brands are demanding more than ever from SEO, SEO-related content creation, and the professionals responsible for it. This is making AI SEO a necessity in digital marketing.

How can digital marketing professionals actually start to comprehend and utilize an SEO tool that works with artificial intelligence?

At Insiteful Solutions, we’ve spent several years investigating artificial intelligence applications across digital marketing disciplines, including AI SEO. We also energetically research with artificial intelligence in our own marketing efforts and track thousands of artificial intelligence vendors.

And we’ve found some useful ways sellers can start operating AI SEO software today.


A 2-Minute Definition of Artificial Intelligence

You don’t need rocket science to understand the basics of AI. We can teach machines to be like humans. We can give them the capability to see, hear, speak, move, and write.  That’s exactly where we stand with AI today. Many different AI tools exist that have the capability to see, hear, speak, move, and/or write, then get better at those things with no explicit programming to get better.

A voice AI like Alexa is a great representative of this. Let’s say you tell Alexa to “Play my Party playlist on Spotify.” Alexa understands your words, processes them, and takes action. Alexa is utilizing artificial intelligence to make calculations on its own about what your phrases mean, how to reply to them, and what action you’re wishing.

Alexa is not being designed explicitly to get better after every user’s request. As an alternative, Alexa is using data from each communication with users to advance its connections with the following one. Which is why, in December 2018, Alexa increased its answers to questions by 12 percent (that is 73% accuracy).

So, exactly how is this unique from traditional software?

Traditional software needs to be explicitly programmed to develop.

If Alexa were not operated by AI, it wouldn’t exist as a customer merchandise. If you asked Alexa to play your party playlist and it didn’t recognize, a person would have to physically fix it before it could develop and get the correct answer next time. That is not possible with millions of Alexa consumers giving thousands of directives in real time. But, with AI, Alexa can use machine learning algorithms to understand data at scale, then develop at speed.

AI can enhance its precision at speed and at scale, which both takes over the traditional, non-AI competition (human or machine) and reveals new capabilities we didn’t have in the past. And AI is doing just that in search engine optimization presently.


How AI Is Used in SEO Today

Artificial intelligence is used in a variety of functions in SEO today through nearly every search engine on Earth.

Text and Voice Search

Your choice of search engine depends on artificial intelligence to deliver appropriate results for your requests. Search engines use modern AI, machine learning, and deep learning to manage a search question, then calculate which results will satisfy any given question. As any SEO expert following Google algorithm updates understands, search engines don’t reveal how their AI systems run, but do leave us with some ideas.

That means, whether you care about AI or not, the equipment has a powerful effect on how your content positions and how your brand gets seen, no matter which search engine you utilize. It also commands how search engines understand and classify the content on your websites.

The connection between voice search and AI can’t be overlooked. Voice search depends on AI technologies.


Topic Discovery, Keyword Research, and Content Optimization

Figuring out what searches, words, or phrases to optimize is half the work. Artificial intelligence tools are able to help. AI surpasses at finding examples in large sets of data.

Tools like MarketMuse, Frase, and BrightEdge offer recommendations on what you should be designing content about for the best search traffic results from specific keyword clusters. They are using AI to obtain topics from search data, so that you can visualize what other top-ranking sites are preparing to perform first in search ranking around any given question.

Generating new content all around search results is one part. But AI can also help you optimize your existing content to better rank for requests, too. All the tools listed above also incorporate this capability. They’ll offer recommendations on how current content can be enhanced to rank above average for individual terms. In both cases, AI can grow to be a key part of your content strategy.

Overall, these tools stage a straightforward truth about artificial intelligence:

There are plenty of manual tasks that marketers do each day, such as topic discovery and keyword research, that they aren’t very great at preparing, or they may not enjoy doing, and that a machine can do far better and at scale.

Local Search

Feeling confident your business shows up precisely in local SEO across many various locations isn’t always simple. And the effects of incorrect local search results can kill business within a geographic area. AI is great at resolving this type of information-based dilemma at scale.

Pillar Page and Topic Cluster Creation

Designing pillar pages and topic clusters is an operative SEO strategy that helps produce own entire topic areas by producing content marketing on a sum of associated search terms in a specified category. AI equipment is being implemented to streamline this process.

How to Get Started with an AI Tool for SEO Success

If you’re a search engine optimization expert or rely on search rankings to influence your marketing, chances are that AI can help you upsurge revenue and reduce costs. That means now is the time to get started with AI, no matter your ability or comfort level.

Trying to connect with your local market? We have a local SEO strategy for you. Google and other search engines are focusing more and more of their attention towards giving localized information to their users. We work with you to ensure all of your local business profiles are complete and optimized for Google.

Let us help you get your brand to the top of Google with a competitive SEO strategy. Contact us to get started today!

WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design

How WordPress is a common content management system and blogging platform.

WordPress is used worldwide, in fact, 24% of websites use WordPress. But it isn’t the only CMS or digital publishing platform out. So why would your company create a WordPress website rather than using the other different platforms offered?

There are 4 main reasons why WordPress is the best.

  1. Easy. Easy Use, Easy Updating.

One of the primary reasons to believe a WordPress CMS is for your website is that it’s easy to update. We advise using this system for the backend of a B2B website, just because it has a successful and easy learning curve, it is user-friendly, and it is straightforward to update.

The advantage of an easy-to-use and updated content management system is that anyone in your company can update the website. With a WordPress web design, you will no longer have to present all website changes to the IT department or a subcontracted developer and wait. You can log in to your website, make the update, and the change will be immediate.

WordPress Web Design
  1. So Many Different Options

Do you want to optimize your metadata on your pages? Do you want your website to load faster with a caching tool? Do you want to embed forms on your website? Are you interested in adding an easy way for consumers to sign up for a monthly newsletter?

There are plug-ins that offer various capabilities for a range of needs. Whatever capabilities, marketing or sales team requires for your website, there’s probably an existing plugin that can effortlessly be downloaded and connected on your website.

Plugins create a seamless experience for managing and updating your website.

  1. Supported & Secured

WordPress has been in the game for over 10 years and, due to its popularity, it has a huge following and developer support community. This large developer and support community has designed a variety of numerous plugins, has help sites, and forums for debating issues and solutions. You will never be at a loss for amazing resources to deliver the help you need to manage and update your WordPress website.

Furthermore, it is a secured system and brings out updates regularly to ensure sustained security for websites and blogs. Consumers are always notified of mandatory updates and the updates are easy to make.

WordPress Web Design
  1. SEO Success

We mentioned earlier that WordPress is a great platform for users, as it creates a fantastic user knowledge. The best part is that it also plays nicely with various search engines. The coding and mark-up used to build websites follow best methods and, therefore, are appealing to search engines and are easy for search engine users.

Additionally, there are plugins that can be incorporated into a website to handle SEO data, including H1 titles, meta descriptions, meta titles, etc. Various accessible SEO plugins allow simple access to optimize web pages and deliver immediate audits of on-page optimization endeavors.

WordPress Web Design

We are mainly WordPress web design users, so we all could be a little biased when it comes to recommending WordPress as a CMS for websites. However, in our experience, WordPress is so simple for everyone to use (not just us developers), it provides you range of tools and opportunities, it has a broad support community that is simple to access, and absolutely contributes to overall search engine optimization.

We know that not everyone wants to spend all day working on web design like we do here at Insiteful Solutions, and we believe that WordPress is a great option for tech and non-tech professionals alike.

Learn more about the importance of picking the right backend (or content management system) for your website.

Want to learn more about WordPress Web Design? We can talk about WordPress for hours, give us a call or drop us an email. Custom WordPress Web Design by Insiteful Solutions your Markham, Toronto and surrounding area WordPress specialists.