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Insiteful Solutions is proud to celebrate 15 years of collaborating with amazing clients to bring them strong return on investment for their online marketing spend.

Thank you to all our clients for the opportunity to continue to assist you in growing your business, using online channels for targeted internet results.  Over the years we have had the pleasure of developing strong relations with our dynamic customers. Whether it be developing websites, enabling ecommerce so your customers can shop 24/7, creating effective search engine and content marketing campaigns, or developing customers for you through social media; we have been and continue to be delighted to help.

As a thank you to our loyal clients, who have made the last 15 years of Insiteful Solutions possible- and fun- and to new clients who will make the next 15 years great, we would like to offer a 15% discount on any new service booked in the month of June.

Many thanks for your support and best wishes!

File To App Converter

Save Money and Time By Converting Your Paper Forms to Digital Apps Using the Reachlite File to App Converter

Think about the amount of paper your company uses every day on applications. We live in a digital age and printing and storing paper forms vital to your business is no longer needed. We’d like to introduce you to the Reachlite File to App Converter. Our software allows you the ability to easily convert your existing paper and PDF forms into a digital format using an easy to use mobile and web application.

The process is simple and happens in just seconds. It’s easy, scan your apps into your computer and Reachlite will do the rest with a couple of clicks. Convert all kinds of common app formats such as images, PDFs, Microsoft Office documents and many other paper forms your business relies on. It’s really as easy as dragging the files you want to convert into our software and within a couple of seconds, Reachlite will convert your paper forms into digital apps.

Many small and medium-sized businesses have been faced with the same challenge you and your team currently face. You have a collection of paper forms that need to be filled out and you want to make them electronic. Many people have asked developers to solve this issue by having complex digital forms manually coded. This solution can work, but it’s usually expensive and the forms do not mesh well in a digital world filled with various devices, screen sizes and browser preferences. Your clients must have the ability to quickly complete forms, any technical issue can have a negative impact on your business. Our goal at Reachlite was to create a better way, providing you and your clients with a user-friendly experience and for way less money.

Your document will look that same as the original. Forms will instantly have fillable field boxes added in relevant places. It gets even better. Our software is built to read your form and automatically determine the right text format for your form’s empty boxes. Correct formatting for blank phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, date fields with a pop-up calendar and various other common text formats are automatically added to your digital form. The software will know whether to use elements such as dropdowns, text boxes and check boxes. Everything is sized correctly and properly placed.

Have a form that requires a digital signature? This is another common challenge that our file to app converter now makes super easy. We will instantly add an electronic signature box, this allows the form’s recipient the ability to easily sign your document with their mouse or finger. Once a digital form is completed it’s easy to send to whoever you wish and your completed forms can be tracked and managed.

Remember, the Reachlite app shines on a mobile device. Download the Reachlite File to App Converter to your phone or tablet and a QR code will allow you the ability to access you newly created app. Everything Reachlite does on a computer happens on your mobile device with the app installed. We’ve designed our app to get the most out of your mobile experience, all elements of your digital form are scaled and designed to work smoothly on a screen of any size.

Thinking about disappearing off the grid for the weekend? We have you covered with our Reachlite File To App Converter. Manage your documents offline and have them automatically synced to the cloud when your back on your network.

Don’t like where Reachlite put a checkbox, or you want to add more? No problem. With our powerful designer, you are in complete control of how your digitally converted form looks and functions after using the converter. Our easy to use interface makes modifying your forms easy with our drag and drop interface. You can even insert logic and business rules to your app to make it dynamic and perfect for your needs.

Our software is built to work together with other solutions your business uses every day. Our Reachlite app is built to communicate and integrate with any data source, this allows all digital elements of your business to work seamlessly with your company’s apps. We do all of our conversions on the cloud, this limits the amount of resources needed by your computer or mobile device.

We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses to quickly make their apps digital. Our software can be found in the healthcare industry, insurance companies, financial businesses and various other small and medium sized businesses. With our software’s flexible and adaptive design we give easily help any business in any industry.

Learn more about Reachlite File to App Converter and how we can easily convert your apps to an easy to use digital format and save you money. Contact us today to get started.

How Google’s Recent Search Page Update Will Impact Your Google Advertising and SEO

Google Adwords

Google recently announced a fairly major change to the way their desktop search page will display. Advertising on the right sidebar of the search page will disappear. Instead, users of Google will now see an additional paid advertisement above the organic search results. This will result in a total of up to four ads displayed on the top of Google search page, and three ads displayed at the bottom of the page.

So, what does this mean for online marketing? Will we advertisers see more impressions, higher CTRs, better positioning and lower CPC? At this point it’s hard to say one way or the other, but here’s what we know so far.

  1. There will not be any text ads displayed on the right-side of Google’s search results page.
  2. Google will now show four advertisements instead of three on the top of their search results page.
  3. There will be an additional three text ads displayed on the bottom of Google’s search page.
  4. These updates will result in less total ads on Google. The total number of ads will decrease from 11 to seven.
  5. Content such as product listings and knowledge panels may utilize the right-hand real estate on Google search.

It’s important for businesses running AdWord campaigns to take a deep breath and not panic. This isn’t the first change Google’s made to their Search Page layout, and it certainly won’t be the last. Being good at online marketing means you have to be good at adapting to change.

Recent studies have found that most Google users click on the ads featured on the top of Google Search, only 7.3 percent of clicks actually come from the ads featured on the right-hand side of Google. By adding an additional ad in the top portion of Google Search, it’s fair to say that many of the clicks that normally occur on the right panel will instead happen on the top and bottom of search results.

Utilizing Google AdWord extensions becomes even more valuable than ever before. These extensions allow advertisers the ability to add information such as phone numbers, sitelinks (additional landing pages), addresses, call out text, and reviews for free. In addition to providing useful information, ad extensions will allow your ads to take up more of Google’s Search Page real estate. Also, ads with extensions are found to generate more traffic because they resemble organic listings.

This update will have a negative impact on businesses with smaller AdWord budgets. Campaigns with keywords ranking on the lower end of spend¬†will no longer see their ads appear. Ads in the position of five to eleven will see the greatest decline in impression share. It’s important to spend time reviewing your Google Analytics and AdWord’s data to insure you’re getting optimum spend on high producing keywords and cutting back on the under-performing ones.

Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may suffer the most because of this update. Google is now reserving more of it’s listings for paid search at the expense of organic. Paid position number four will now take the place normally reserved for organic listing number one. This update will result in paid search results taking up 36.4 percent of Google’s Search Page. It’s possible that the top organic result will now appear below the fold on tablets and smart phones.

Again, the best solution for those concerned about their SEO is to innovate. Don’t put all of your SEO eggs into one basket. Diversify your online marketing efforts. Spend more time ranking your video content, local content, images and other organic content. There’s still a lot of room for having your brand appear in organic search, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that you produce high quality content on a regular basis. This in combination with an optimized Google AdWord’s campaign will put your business in a great position to succeed online, regardless of Google’s updates.

Change isn’t always easy, but it’s part of the deal when you work online. It appears that this update from Google will actually benefit more people than it will hurt. Pay attention to what Google and your audience is telling you about your site, by regularly monitoring your data. Make updates when needed and ensure that your online marketing excels with this recent update.