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Blogging – Can your company afford not to blog?

Blogging is essentially marketing your business. Content Marketing can be a tricky business. How do you know what to blog about? How do you reach your target market? How do you understand all the analytics to measure your ROI?

There is no specific model that will work with every industry. If only there could be one fool proof handbook that everyone could use marketing online or content marketing would be easy!

It is now known for a fact that regular, fresh, relevant content that you produce on your website the better your SEO results will be. Having a strong social media audience enhances your SEO as well.

Blogging is an easy way to quickly update your content and spread it through your social media. There are many different platforms out there that allow you to manage your own content, such as WordPress, Joomla etc. (be careful which one you choose as some are more search engine friendly than others).

Adding relevant content on a regular basis helps make your entire site more relevant as well as the post you’re writing. Once you’ve written your post, post it on your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, SlideShare etc. Posting on your blog and social media allows your “followers” or potential customers, clients to engage with your content and your company, making it easy for readers to leave comments on your blog or on any of your social media accounts.

By writing a blog on a regular basis you start to establish your company as an authority on a subject and you show off your expertise. Many companies find the thought of writing blogs and continuing to do so a daunting task and may shy away from it. They just simply don’t want to write articles as that isn’t their expertise. In an ever changing market place, especially companies with an online presence in today’s world, they simply cannot ignore the fact that they need to stay active and relevant to compete with all the other businesses in their field. Gone are the days where you can just put up your website and update the date every year.

How often should you blog? Well the general rule is you should blog as often as you have something to say. Don’t just blog for the heck of it, you need to keep your readers engaged, wanting to come back to your site or at least contact you to find out more. The more your readers comment or engage with your content the more attention the search engine’s pay attention.

There are so many different elements to take into account when planning a content marketing strategy it is import to formulate a plan and a cost effective budget. Most companies would rather just ignore it completely and lose out on so much valuable website traffic. Why not contact a content marketing company that is focused on helping businesses grow their online presence? We are here to help and give advice and create a package that fits your business. We look forward to growing along side our clients with pride!

You can contact Insiteful Solutions at 905-947-8235 ask for John or Barb we’d be more than happy to learn about your business and discover the best plan to steadily grow your business along side you.

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook’s Instant Articles Platform Could Change How We View News Online

How people experience and interact with the Internet is changing every day. We’ve seen a steady increase in the amount of people using their phone to view content online. This trend means more and more people are utilizing mobile apps to access the Internet, and less people are using traditional browsers.

Facebook’s app can be found on most mobile devices. It’s estimated that 1.44 billion people use Facebook monthly, and many people use it daily from through the Facebook app on their phone.

Some of the world’s largest publishers took notice of this trend and decided to join the mobile party. Publishers such as Buzzfeed, National Geographic and the New York Times are now working with Facebook to have their articles posted directly onto Facebook. It’s estimated that Facebook’s new Instant Articles platform will load much quicker than conventional websites. Publishers realize that many people are more likely use the Facebook app to connect to the Internet, and now their content will be easily accessible.

The new platform allows content distributers to ability to break the mould of conventional browser-based pages. The new medium provides publishers with new tools which encourage interaction and enhanced images.

The goal of Facebook is to create a fully interactive and immersive environment for their users. It’s in Facebook’s best interest to get users to stay within the confines of their native app. They not only control the content, but more importantly the advertisements people view. Publishers are hungry for innovative ways to get their content to the masses and Facebook seems like a logical choice.

Throughout it’s history the Internet has been about community, collaborative thinking and development. It may be fair to suggest that we lose something with more and more people accessing content through privately owned online platforms. Instead of a network control by many, we may be moving toward micro networks control by a few private companies.

Facebook’s new Instant Articles platform seems like a great way to present content. The Internet we use today is built around access to information. The media landscape is changing and perhaps it’s becoming less open online.

Insiteful Solutions – Celebrating 13 Years

At Insiteful Solutions we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate our 13th anniversary today with you. This is an exciting time for online marketing and we look forward to continuing to work with both existing and new clients to bring their digital branding to the next level.

Thirteen years ago today Insiteful Solutions set out to offer professional website design and marketing solutions to companies in Markham and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Throughout our history we’ve worked with over 510 companies and 93 industries around the world.

Our goal has always been to offer the latest online marketing technologies and strategies to our clients, and establish long term relationships at the same time. We’re lucky to have worked on some exciting projects with some excellent clients over the last 13 years and we look forward to continuing. We’re very fortunate that so many of our clients have been with us for years.

Thirteen years ago, Insiteful Solutions was created with the mindset that we could create a successful company that was built on a foundation of collaboration, innovation and exceeding our client’s expectations. We’ve worked with some amazing clients over the years that have allowed us to achieve this goal. We’re excited about what’s on the horizon for both our company and for the online marketing industry. There are many exciting changes happening and we’re just as passionate as ever about what we do.

We’re seeing a steady shift towards mobile devices becoming the primary way people interact with the digital world, more of a focus on content marketing and intelligent paid advertising. Our team is extremely eager to lead clients through these emerging trends with the same attention to detail and focus on ROI that we’ve always had.

Thirteen years may have passed, but we are just as passionate about our work as ever. We look forward to what the future will bring and the many exciting projects that will surely come with it.

To our clients, both current and future it’s been a wonderful 13 years of innovation and creativity, we’d like to thank you for being a part of it. We’ve done some amazing things together, but the best is still yet to come.