Analytic Reporting

Data driven marketing analytics is key to measuring the impact of all marketing campaigns we work on. To have the biggest impact, it is important to use all forms of marketing to some extent, whether that is through email, pay per click, social media or content marketing. Marketing analytics helps us to understand what form of marketing is benefiting your brand the most.
We work with industry leading tools and software to track and measure our marketing efforts. By doing so we can show their performance over time, and use the information to judge whether marketing budgets should be increased in one area and decreased in another. These results provide valuable insight, and the foundation of what the next marketing move for your brand should be.
We can also track large amounts of website data for your competitors! We use this to get an inside view on their marketing promotions and techniques, and can see what is and isn’t working for them. From an SEO point of view this is crucial, allowing us to discover new avenues and ways of improving your own marketing performance.