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Google’s New Location Aware Search

Google’s New Location Aware Search Bridges Real-Life Experience With Digital Search

Google is taking mobile search to a new level with location aware search. Now you can walk through your neighbourhood and ask Google to give you more information about the landmarks, businesses and buildings you encounter in real life. You don’t even need to know the names of the places your trying to learn about.

What is the length of the bridge your walking on? What time does the store your passing open? What’s the name to building you’re looking at? That’s where Google’s new location aware search comes in. Google’s location aware function can answer these questions just by reviewing your GPS location.

This new functionality was added to many Android devices weeks ago, but Google waited until now to announce it.

Imagine standing in front of a building. Not knowing anything about it you ask your phone the name of the building. Google will use your location information and will pinpoint the building you’re facing and will give you instant information. Standing in front of the same building and asking ‘when does this building open’ will provide you the information you’re looking for.

What Does This Mean for Businesses

Local search marketing was already an important marketing component, this new Google tool makes it even more important. Google uses the data in it’s search engine in combination with your physical location to present relevant information. Take some time and ensure that your Google Business Profile is 100% accurate and contains any information you want people to see about your business.

How Can I Start Using This on My Phone

Again, this feature has been live on Android devices for a few weeks, people just weren’t told about it. Try speaking into your voice search in Chrome and it should work for you. Apple users also have access to this tool. Simply visit the App Store and download Google Search App.

This new function from Google may not always work in the beginning. Remember, it’s accuracy relies on the information already entered into Google’s search. Regardless, it’s an amazing step into merging online data with the physical places we encounter every day.