Refreshing Content 101 For SEO


Content Refresh For SEO – How do you know when to do it?

Content hoarding, or more known as keeping old blog posts, keeping whitepapers everywhere in the backend of WordPress, and more, can be extremely overwhelming to any business owner. Especially when they do not have the updated knowledge on Refreshing, Website Maintenance, and SEO.

When you keep old content based on it being well written and intuitive, but it has zero rank or is producing no leads, it is not a bad idea to hold on to. Adding some tweaks can and will fix it.

Older posts can actually turn out to be some of your highest-performing work. Auditing and updating your content can increase your website traffic from 75% to anywhere over 125%.



When is it time to Refresh Your Content?

Many companies do not realize that keeping all of your old unpublished content can actually cause your website to run slower. If you make an annual plan once a year to go through your content and purge what is not needed, you will be the speed of your website can run faster, you can keep your customers updated with new information, and you will have more backend storage. Anything in the backend that is old, must have value in order for you to want to keep it.

How Do I Know What to Save in Backend?

How do you know when to get rid of a post or page? Decide if the content is still relevant and useful to the end-user, and if you feel that it is, you most likely are correct. You know your site and customers the best.

Most of the time, the one web page you should look out for is your blog page. You should get rid of old outdated posts that aren’t relevant anymore, such as old events or a yearly guide that is from years ago or that type of thing.

You should also read over pages and get rid of poorly written posts. You may feel the post is on an important topic, and so you should keep it and rewrite the post for the future.


Can You Refresh an Old Blog Post?

The answer is yes. If your blog post has traffic or could have the possibility to then it is worth keeping it on your website. There are a few steps to take when you want to update a post to have better results.

Change the Headline

You want to make sure that the keyword or keyword phrase that is the focus of your post is in your title, along with a catchy tag line. Customers should be able to read your title and understand what the post is about.

Do not Reuse Old Keywords

You do not want to reuse your keyword over and over again. Search engines take notice of it, and it could affect your SEO.

You also do not want to target the wrong keywords with your posting. It can affect how and who comes to your page. Keeping the old keyword from a few years ago can affect this. You want to stay updated with keyword data and update your post as you go.

Refresh Your Images

Blogs that use images receive 94% more views than blogs that do not use images.

You also want to have updated pictures, quality-wise, and era-wise. Using the same photo from 2012, won’t interest customers as much as an updated picture from 2021 would.

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