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Google Analytics Update: Data Retention Solution to Protect Sensitive Customer Information

Google Analytics - Insiteful Solutions Markham Ontario

Headlines during 2018 have been full of big tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn having security breaches. It’s been a problem that many people have been concerned with, data is important in today’s online economy and governments around the world are introducing laws to protect citizens. The European Union are in the process of introducing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the goal of the legislation is to provide protection on data is stored and managed. This has caused many companies to question their own processes and review their policies on how long data is stored.

Recently, Google announced that some changes to their Google Analytics tool. Users will now have the ability to set the amount of time before user-level and event-level data is automatically deleted. The update is scheduled to launch to the public on May 25th, the same day the European Union’s new online security is officially active.

After logging into Google Analytics, users will have the ability to tell Google how long they want their web traffic data stored for. There will be options for 14 months, 26 months, 38 months, or 50 months; after this point, all data will be automatically deleted. Any aggregated data will remain when the user data is automatically deleted. Other Google Analytics data affected by this update includes cookies, user identifiers, advertising identifiers, DoubleClick identifiers, Android identifiers and Apple identifiers. These elements could be important to your online marketing tracking and you’ll want to ensure they are properly backed up if you want to keep them.

Many website owners have a lot of Google Analytics data stored on the company’s cloud, especially with the more sophisticated tracking options offered over the last few years. It’s important to ensure you have a plan to keep your historical analytics data over the next couple of weeks. The upcoming update from Google will not only help the company comply with new European data policies, it will help the tech giant save a lot of money by decreasing server strain.

Historical analytics data can provide your company with some excellent insight into the growth of your online brand. Keeping more data than needed can open the door to potential breaches when your Google Analytics account is not properly secured. Evaluate your need and determine the best Google Analytics storage policy for your company and be sure to adjust your settings accordingly before the May 25th launch date.

Creating the Right Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Toronto Business

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Tips for Getting More Business from Social Media

Social media is now a go-to-touch destination for most consumers when they are making a purchase. Studies show that over 80 percent of people trust the recommendations of their friends over those of an expert. Log on to your own social media account and see how many people are posting about their experiences with brands. Social media is essential for creating and maintaining a strong online presence.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some great companies in the Toronto region and beyond. During this time, we’ve learned that every brand is unique when it comes to social media. Running a business takes a lot of work and social media can often be forgotten. That’s why we recommend that brands utilize a social media automation tool such as HootSuite. These tools give you the ability to program boosts to various social media tools when you have a free moment. This allows you to focus on your core business tasks and have fresh social media content posting online without you even thinking about it. It’s also nice having all your social media accounts connected with one tool.

It’s also important to monitor your social media stats on a regular basis. Within a few clicks, you’ll have access to view some important data about your social media audience including demographics, traffic sources, and your posts that have received the best engagement. There are even some advanced tools that let you see your most popular keywords, mentions of your brand name, trending topics related to your business and various other important metrics that can help you improve your online conversions.

Social media campaigns should be an essential part of your overall online marketing plan. Whether you’re trying to have people view a landing page, click a call to action (CTA), watch a video, or sign up for a newsletter, a strong social media campaign will help you achieve your goals. Social media platforms such as Facebook will provide you with real-time information on how people interact with your content, giving you the option to quickly make revisions and try different content.

All social media platforms offer some form of paid advertising. This allows you the ability to instantly gain more attention to your brand by spending a few dollars. You can decide who sees your ads by focusing on the demographics and geographic information relevant to your brand. More and more people are accessing their social media via a mobile device, it’s essential that all your social media content is mobile-friendly.

Only post content on social media that’s both interesting and engaging. Avoid making too many ‘salesy’ posts on your social feeds. If your audience finds your content useful they will engage with your brand and come back for more. Content can range from funny memes to informative white pages. Try inserting relevant keywords into your post to get more organic traffic, hashtags can also be an effective tool when used correctly.

Partnering with a social media marketing consulting agency can be a great way to take your social media presence to the next level. Ideally, the marketing firm will have the ability to help with content, design and campaign analytics. They should be able to look at your social media data and come up with ways to improve your campaigns. An experienced social media consultant will help you target the right demographics and create effective CTAs that create leads. The best social media is a two-way conversation with customers, most digital marketing firms will provide your team with training on how to effectively respond to social media feedback and questions.

There are some exciting integration options available for business owners want to connect their social media to other online marketing channels. Facebook reviews, Instagram posts, and Twitter updates can be instantly embedded on your website. Mentions of your brand on social media can appear in your CRM, allowing for an excellent customer interaction and sales opportunities.

People are turning to social media to get customer and technical support. Facebook Messenger continues to gain popularity as a customer interaction option, many brands are encouraging their customers to chat with them using the tool. This can be an effective way to communicate during both regular and off-hours. It’s important that the people monitoring your social media have a strong understanding of your brand and the services you offer.

This is an exciting time for social media and we’d love to be your partner in brand’s success. Our team of experts will help your brand get noticed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and various other social media platforms. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to create a social media marketing plan suited to the needs of your business.

Why Email Marketing is Emerging as One of the Most Engaging and Profitable Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing

It’s something that we do every day, but some brands aren’t doing as well as they could. That’s right, we’re talking about email. Study after study finds that email is still one of the most common things people do online and it remains a popular marketing tool with an excellent return on investment (ROI).

Over the last few years, there’s been an increase in the amount of automation in online marketing. Email and automated marketing campaigns go together like peanut butter and jelly. A recent study conducted by the email marketing firm SharpSpring estimates 85 percent of the world’s leading marketing agencies are seeing a dramatic improvement in how email marketing campaigns are performing, and half the firms surveyed stated they are seeing significant improvements.

Email is one of the oldest online tools out there, so why is there such a spike in performance? Businesses are now able to add a newfound level of personalization to their email marketing campaigns that didn’t exist a few years ago without an expensive development team. With only a couple of clicks, tools such as Mailchimp can add personal elements to your customer’s email. It goes a lot further than just adding their name, if it’s in your database, it can be added to an email.

There’s been a lot of innovation in the email marketing space over the last few years and marketers can now see how well their email marketing campaigns are working in real time, allowing them to make adjustments on the fly. Having the ability to segment customers, mobile-friendly designs, and strong call to actions (CTAs) are making email marketing an important element in campaigns both big and small.

We know that people are spending an increasingly large amount of time online and email remains a common way of communication, especially when people are at work. Smartphones make it easy to multitask and people are checking their email while they are shopping, working out, falling asleep and various other moments throughout the day.

Adding a more personalized touch to email allows your customers to ability to better connect with your brand and your message. People get annoyed when they receive an email without any type of personalization, it’s important to understand your audience and give them information that’s relevant to them.

You can now test your email campaigns to find out what works and what doesn’t. Brands can run A/B tests to see what subject lines, content, colours, images, and CTAs people best engage with. Email platforms will even use your data to tell you the best time of day to send email blasts. We have clients that have been shocked how changing the colour of a CTA button can lead to more leads. Every audience is unique, with their own set of preferences – having the ability to test your emails is the best way to understand your customers and keep them engaged.

The ability to segment your customer email lists is another exciting development for email marketing. You can now segment your email lists based on a wide range of criteria and give these people information that’s relevant to them. Maybe you want to send a custom email for return customers, or for customers who live in another city, this and much more can be done easily with email list segmentation. Email can now be linked to your AdWords and Facebook advertising campaigns, allowing you the abilty to present custom advertising to people on your email lists.

It’s amazing how many companies don’t make their emails mobile friendly.  Most people check their email on their mobile device. If your email looks bad on a smartphone, tablet, or even a smartwatch you’re probably missing out on an excellent opportunity. Most of the popular email marketing platform makes mobile design easy, with pre-designed templates suited to mobile devices.

This is an exciting time for email marketing and for your company to utilize this technology for your brand. Don’t end up in your customer’s trash folder, ensure you email your customers with relevant information that’s customized to them. The best emails serve as a conversation between an individual customer and a brand.

At Insiteful Solutions, we’ve been helping a wide range of Toronto companies find email success with our team of experienced writers, designers and developers. Have a question about how your brand can stick out in inboxes? Contact us and we’ll help take your email marketing to the next!