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A Guide to Facebook Advertising for Toronto Businesses

Social media advertising works for marketing. Facebook continues to be the leading platform for social media marketing. A well-designed campaign will generate impressions, clicks, and conversions. Advertisers have found that Facebook advertising is a very affordable online marketing solution.  It generates high-quality traffic with very strong ROI.

While it does take some work, it’s possible to see some great results with a budget of only $5 a day.

If you’re new to using Facebook Ads you’ll find there’s a lot to learn. You need to not only create engaging ads, but you also need to find the right audience, set an adequate budget and eventually measure the effectiveness of your work.

Facebook estimates that over three million businesses are now on Facebook and there are 1.13 billion active users connecting to the social network daily, many of whom are on mobile devices. Running Facebook Ads provides you the ability to broadcast a message to the right people at the right time.

Pros of Facebook Ads

  • It’s easy to track your campaigns
  • Instant gains in traffic
  • You have complete control of your daily budget and cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Instant ROI
  • You can target your ads based on towns, regions, age, likes/interests, income bracket and many other demographic elements
  • Easier to set up than Google AdWords
  • Find people while they are early in the buying process
  • You can easily use video and photos in your advertisements
  • The CPC is very affordable when compared to other platforms

Cons of Facebook Ads

  • When not set up properly, Facebook Ads can be expensive
  • It’s easy to add too many people to your audience, this will lead to increased cost
  • Unless you’re using a lifetime budget you cannot target your ads to appear at specific times of the day or certain days of the week
  • Reaching people too early in the buying cycle could reduce your goal conversion rate

Setting up your new Facebook Ads campaign begins by going to the Facebook Ads dashboard ( The dashboard allows you to create a new campaign and manages all elements of an existing campaign. You’ll find a lot of useful features in the dashboard and with time you’ll find it easier to navigate.

Running the Right Facebook Ad

Facebook Ads are very versatile. There are 11 main ways Facebook can produce results for your online marketing.

A Facebook campaign can allow you to:

  1. Boost your posts
  2. Promote your Facebook Page
  3. Send people directly to your website
  4. Increase the amount of conversions on your site
  5. Get people to install your mobile application
  6. Increase the engagement of your application
  7. Reach people geographically near your business
  8. Get more people to attend you event
  9. Get people to claim your offer
  10. Get more video reviews
  11. Collect more leads for your sales team

The Facebook dashboard will allow you the ability to set up campaigns with each of these focuses as a goal.

Pick the Right Audience

After setting up your Facebook campaign’s focus you’ll be asked to select an audience to target. Facebook is loaded with some very targeted audience information. There are many elements you can choose from to target the right people for your online brand. Essentially, Facebook allows you the ability to quickly choose precisely who sees your ad, all based on hundreds of factors. You define your audience by locations, age, gender, language, interests, behaviours, connection and dozens of other criteria. The dashboard’s map integration allows you to have a great visual snapshot of your geographic targeting.

How to Set a Budget for a Facebook Campaign

The budget settings of the Facebook Ads dashboard lets you set how much money you want to spend on your ad and when you want to start spending it.

Facebook will default you to a $20 daily budget, this can easily be changed based on your needs. You can also tell Facebook when to start broadcasting your ad and when to turn it off.

It’s clear that Facebook is not showing any signs of slowing down. The social media giant continues to launch really innovative tools for both end users and advertisers. Facebook provides an unparalleled ability to customize the audience seeing your ads and its ROI is very strong when compared to other marketing expenses.

Toronto and area business owners will quickly see that there’s a lot of learning with Facebook Advertising. We’ve been helping local businesses of all sizes succeed on Facebook, please feel free to send along any questions.

Why is Social Media Important for Toronto and Area Businesses?

Social Media Markham - Insiteful Solutions

Attracting new customers is always important for businesses in Toronto and area. Companies spend a lot of money in an effort to gain new customers. Unfortunately, a lot of this money is wasted.

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) should always be at the forefront of every marketing campaign a company undertakes. Fortunately, online marketing affords some amazing measuring tools which can allow you the ability to measure your campaign’s ROI right to the cent. Many Toronto businesses are finding success with social media marketing.

Social media is no longer a luxury; it’s a must-have for any growth. It should be a core part of any marketing plan and should have a budget. Social media marketing not only increases the amount of people encountering your digital brand, it leads to conversions and leads. Hubspot now estimates that 84% of all American B2B marketers utilize social media to some degree.

Posts on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and various other services generate targeted and engaged traffic. It’s a great way to breath new life into older content buried on your website. People are engaged with their social media accounts and re-purposing content on social can really help gain some attention for your brand. Posting older content can also give your Search Engine Marketing (SEO) a jumpstart. Driving new traffic to old pages will help them gain ranking in search engines such as Google.

Ideally, your social media marketing will help your brand build relationships with your customer base. You can instantly have access to your follower’s feedback regarding your company and you can also learn more about your target market’s interests and daily lives by looking at their profile. This digital insight can help you tweak your marketing to cater to your audience’s likes.

Social media is real-time, this allows you to quickly reply to customer feedback and questions. When done correctly, social media can take your customer service to an all-new level. This creates loyal fans of your brand.

People view Facebook, Twitter and other tools as social networks, not marketing platforms. This can make your message more interesting and trustworthy. Good social media content encourages conversation, not selling and marketing. This can quickly lead to more traffic to your website and more online conversions. It’s likely that your competition is already present and doing this. It’s a lot harder and more expensive to catch up to social media competition than it is to lead.

Your brand’s personality can really shine. You know why your company is interesting; why not tell the world? Brands with cleaver and interesting content usually succeed, even with small budgets.

One of the reasons why social media is so interesting for marketing is the many advertising options the platforms offer. Facebook ads allow you to target very specific groups of people, this allows you to advertise to people that are more likely to become customers. There’s a lot of exciting things happening with Facebook retargeting ads. A simple Facebook pixel allows you the ability to present your targeted ads to people across Facebook. It’s not a surprise that when you stay in front of your customer base you’ll generate more business. Social not only gets eyeballs, it allows you the ability to constantly refine your sales message to an engaged audience.

The ROI for social media is usually very impressive. Hiring a Toronto social media consultation company (like us!) is typically a smart marketing investment. The average cost for a Google AdWord click is $1 to $2 and can increase dramatically from there. A boosted post on Facebook or Pinterest can produce similar results for as little as $0.12.

Social media and doing business in the new millennium go hand-and-hand. If your brand doesn’t appear on social media it simply does not exist to many people. Have fun with your social media, try new things and encourage audience interaction.

We love talking about social media and advertising. Every business has unique needs and goals. Give us a call or drop us an email and one of our experienced Toronto experts will help get you started.

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Brand Identity

The Importance of Your Brand Identity


When people discuss branding the mind usually leaps to images of famous logos and the products they represent (note iconic logos above).  An essential strategic device for both businesses and individuals, branding involves creating a distinctive image and unique presence in the world.  Successful branding is essential for any company if they wish to succeed in their marketplace.  At Insiteful Solutions we have worked with hundreds of companies across the GTA and in Markham to develop successful branding campaigns.

While the images above are from recent memory, branding has been employed by tradespeople and craftsmen for thousands of years.  The modern era of branding coincided with the Industrial Revolution at the turn of the 20th century.  As products, services and trade flourished, company’s turned to rudimentary design elements to gain a competitive edge: the name of a company, claims of superiority and eye-catching design elements (note all encompassing Coca-Cola advertisement from 1905 below) were all employed in the days of modern marketing.

Developing successful brand identities is perhaps the most important task facing entrepreneurs after developing their actual product or service.  Branding goes beyond creating a simple logo to affix to your marketing materials; the best branding should encapsulate the values and aspirations of your company.  The brand identities at the top of this blog are so successful they no longer require their companies name to communicate the product they advertise.  A quick glimpse of these images simultaneously evoke the products they represent; moreover, they also communicate the emotional value and cultivate the image of the company.

The process of developing a brand identity can be a challenging exercise; it compels entrepreneurs to clearly identify the personality of their product and what niche it fills in the marketplace.  It requires business leaders to research their customer base and understand how they will be receiving their message. With the average North American adult seeing nearly 500 commercial images a day, your product (and its image) has more competition than ever.  Your brand identity should tell the story of your company and all of its aspirations. When people connect to your aspirations they connect with your brand on an emotional level – and an emotional connection can translate into a loyal customer.

As all entrepreneurs and business leaders know successful businesses require constant nurturing and attention. A brand identity is no different: as your product or service exists in a constantly changing and competitive marketplace your brand identity must be attended to and developed along with your company.  A successful brand identity will assist you in developing the messaging of your company and its values.


At Insiteful Solutions we work with business leaders to develop your complete branding platform. Throughout the GTA and Markham we have worked with individuals on creating and developing their personal brands and assisted established company’s to refresh and maintain their identity in the marketplace.  At Insiteful Solutions we have an incredible team of designers who work with you to create every aspect of a branding platform.  Our team consists of copywriters, designers, web design experts, content marketers and SEO specialists who will work with you to create a compelling brand identity.

Whether your brand is established or you are starting a new venture why not give us a call to discuss how we can be of help in creating or revitalizing your brand?