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Twitter Moments Tries to Capitalize on Canadian’s Thirst for News Content

Twitter’s new Moments feature is now available here in Canada. You may have noticed something different on your Twitter account last week. A new ‘lightening bolt’ icon now connects you to trending news topics. You can now use Twitter to instantly tap into the news of the day. The Moments page provides news on a vast range of topics.

“Moments is basically a story that spotlights the best of what’s happening on Twitter,” says Twitter Canada’s Jen Wilson, a former journalist who will be helping to curate Moments. “So, each Moment is between five and 12 pieces of content, on average. You’ll see tweets, videos, gifs, Vines, quotes and links. And all of those items work together to tell a story, to give you a snapshot of what people are saying, reacting and feeling around any given topic.”

For years, people have been using Twitter to quickly browse and read news. The new Moments feature take this usage one step further.

Moments has been hugely successful since launching in the US about four months ago. Our news has a clearly Canadian prospective with topics such as NHL playoffs and Toronto Blue Jays taking top spots in the feed.

Twitter prides itself on delivering well-filtered news content to their user-base through Moments. The new tool broadcasts content from reputable sources, this allows users the ability to quickly catch up on a topic and trust the news they are reading.

“But if I look at a Moment, those are the people who are experts in this subject area who I wouldn’t find otherwise,” she explains. “It can be really hard to filter through that for the average Twitter user. So, this filters it and finds people who are actually on the scene, or adding depth and nuance to the conversation. So we’re doing that work for you. It’s a little like being a detective, and trying to find who’s here, who’s right and who’s sharing really cool stuff.”

Twitter has been a social media giant since launching over ten years ago. In recent times, the company has faced slow user growth, declining stock prices and have seen key executives exit. Twitter is hoping that Moments will help change this trend for the positive.

The NFL and Twitter recently announced at partnership that allows Thursday night games to be streamed through the platform. It’s likely that such exclusive content will tie in with Moments. Twitter is not able to stream NFL in Canada, but it’s fair to assume that other online content will find a home on the Canadian version of Moments.

When Moments launched south of the border they had content partnerships with various media outlets such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Bleacher Report and Fox News. Currently, the Canadian version features content from CBC, the Weather Network and the NHL. Twitter plans to build this list in the upcoming future.

Moments is trying something different. They are attempting to be mini-newsroom, one without reporters or original content. Instead of turning to a newspaper’s homepage, Twitter is hoping that their users will use the Moment platform.

With Facebook and Google both having similar features in the works. It will be interesting to see which social media platform wins the news battle.

Do You Need A Website?

If Your Business Doesn’t Have a Website Let Insiteful Solutions Help You Get Started.

In a shocking statistic it is estimated that just over half of small businesses in Canada do not have a website.  It can be easy to see how in this age of social media new companies may think they can skip this step.  But below are some reasons why every business-small, medium or large-should put time and effort into creating and maintaining a presence on the web.

It is your ‘Mothership’

Having a company website essentially provides you a place to share all the information about your company and how it can provide service to current or potential clients.  Even if you are not selling a product online, your website can literally communicate volumes about your business.  If your business is used to building personal relationships with client’s you may feel that a website is impersonal.  But a well designed website can engage your customers and provide them with superior service.

It is Cost Effective

Unlike the continuing financial upkeep required on keeping a ‘bricks and mortar’ place of business operating, your website – after the initial investment of its development – is incredibly cost effective.  A website provides your customers and would-be customers 24-hour access to your company and its offerings.  While social media can tick off several customer service boxes, there is no other platform in which to share a concise overview of your company.

Everyone’s Gone Mobile

The CRTC reported in the fall of 2015 that two thirds of Canadians use a smartphone.  With so many Canadians going mobile that most likely means your current or potential customers are looking at your website on a smartphone or tablet.  By creating a responsive website, you ensure that no matter how your website is viewed your information and how you branded your company’s message is clear and accessible.

Extension of Your Brand

Your company website can become an integral part of your overall brand.  From elements of design to how you launch and promote your offerings, your website can reflect every facet of your business.  With the decrease of printed material your website is often your main marketing tool.  By working with a design team that will take your brand into consideration you are communicating your message with every click to your site.

Understanding your Client

Beyond creating your basic website, you can choose to invest a little more and incorporate analytics into your site.  This will enable you to learn more about your client and other visitors to your website.  By learning what attracts them and how people navigate your website you can then fine-tune your offerings, develop your business and take it to the next level.

How to Get Started

Since 2002 Insiteful Solutions has worked with 510 companies across 93 industries to create websites to target and attract customers.  Insiteful Solutions is able to work with and guide customers through the development of their website from conception to launch.  Getting started couldn’t be simpler, we are happy to provide a free 30-minute consultation about how we can work together to get your company on the web.